NextHome Team

Owners of NextHome Greater Realty, comprised of principal members Buz and Linda, the Berson’s are one of Charlotte County’s most respected brokerage groups.  With over 60 years of experience in southwest Florida’s real estate market, this team has earned a reputation for exceptional service and record-breaking results.  Deliberate and strategic when it comes to negotiations, Berson will guard your real estate financial investments with the utmost integrity and honesty throughout every transaction.

The Berson Team has the know-how, vision and established connections to produce results. They have secured over $200+ million in closed residential sales in Punta Gorda and Charlotte Harbor. Let the Berson Team put their seasoned expertise to work for you.

Whether you are a new client, a neighbor, or have been referred by a past client, you have selected the best in the business.  Drawing upon decades of experience in multiple markets with a keen awareness for market trends. When you work with Berson no detail is overlooked.


At the very heart of our success is our consumer-centric approach.  Your needs always come first.  Secondly, we are passionate about the idyllic Charlotte Harbor way of living and the real estate choices it offers.  This in-depth experience adds tremendous value to our services.  We strive for excellence and our follow up is thorough.  This is the difference.  Pairing our talents with our NextHome technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent, seamless and superior.

This combination of effort enables the Berson Team to provide exceptional service without compromise. We strive to shape, change, and influence how real estate is sold in our area. We invite you to interview us and allow our team to demonstrate why we are uniquely skilled and passionately committed to serving you.

‌linda nexthome agent picLINDA BERSON ~ Broker, Owner

Linda Berson is the Broker and CEO of NextHome Greater Realty. She is advancing a consumer-centric Real Estate Brokerage Company. With extensive experience in the real estate industry, Linda recognizes the Real Estate Industry must make rapid adjustments to changes in technology, shared information and sales mobility, while still providing a vibrant current office environment for the serious agent and their customers.

Secrets to Linda’s long term success is a combination of loving all things real estate and drawing upon decades of experience and market-specific knowledge.    Linda leads with resolve and absolute integrity.

Linda virtually owns the “key to the city” with decades of experience and huge personal success creating a one stop shop when it comes to buying, selling, financing, building, and flipping real estate.

With a degree in accounting, Linda’s dynamic personality accompanied with her keen insight for market trends leave a lasting impact with her customers. Linda’s level of service, industry knowledge, negotiation skills, and determination to share prudent advice when it comes to the selection of your next real estate investment consistently provides her customers record breaking results. This coupled with her contagious energy, can-do attitude and love for the business insures that your real estate experience will be enjoyable and rewarding.



Wende is a passionate, honest, efficient, reliable, and friendly Realtor. Wende believes that choosing a Realtor that offers you the most knowledge, the most efficiency, the best negotiating skills, and the best marketing; will result in the smoothest possible transactions with the best possible outcomes; and her goal is to provide those advantages to every client, every single time. Wende recognizes that every customer’s needs are unique and adapts to each of them to achieve the exact goals of every client.  Her combination of willingness and passion for real estate leaves a lasting impact with the people she encounters.

Contact Information: | cell 401-500-6021





Buz Berson is continuing the family tradition begun by his father, contractor Harold Berson, who built homes in Port Royal and other areas in Naples, Florida starting in 1955. Buz grew up hearing and loving the “symphony sounds of the saws” where he spent many Saturday’s on his father’s job sites.

A serial entrepreneur, Buz has been running successful businesses for decades. Formerly the owner of the largest outdoor furniture store in the United States, Buz has been involved in real estate since 1980. He spent most of the 1980’s as a commercial real estate developer. In 1986, he started his own residential property development and brokerage company, Berson Properties.

After garnering several large-scale commercial projects in Orlando, Linda joined as the leasing manager and headed up the marketing division.

In the early 90’s Linda and Buz open Berson Properties in downtown Mount Dora.  Over the span of 3 years Linda sold an estimated $55+M in real estate. Linda has always been heavily involved in all aspects of real estate, from land purchases, residential and commercial development to real estate finance.

Their dream was always to get back to the gulf coast, so they moved to Punta Gorda in 1997 and built a new building in downtown Punta Gorda for their boutique style real estate firm, Berson Realty Group.  The Berson Team grew their residential real estate brokerage to more than 25 agents with annual sales in excess of $100 million. In 2007, they sold the company to a Century 21 franchisee.

Never one to rest and retire, Buz began building high-end homes in the Naples area. With square footage exceeding 5,000 feet, these high-end homes were in demand for the residents of Naples. From 2015 to 2017, as fast as Buz built them, Linda sold them equally as fast.

As founding partners of NextHome Greater Realty they wanted to expand their business with a real estate brokerage that was futuristic and innovative.  We interviewed several different real estate franchises,” added Linda. “But only NextHome provided us with the revolutionary service difference we were looking to offer our clientele.”

Consistently recognized by the Punta Gorda board of realtors for outstanding production, the Berson Team offers what few other can – unprecedented customer care, coupled by a legacy of extraordinary results.  With the reach and resources of a globally recognized brand, the Berson Team delivers a modern, full service approach to real estate that quite simply, puts clients first.  The business was built on the back of three legendary real estate professionals, and it is their continued dedication, broad market knowledge, and concierge style service that are the very foundation of the Berson Team today.


Robot and Human


Globally “NextHome” represents forward motion and progress.  Corporate offices based in San Francisco, California, our corporate leadership team is incredibly diverse and all under the age of 45.  We have industry experts in sales, marketing and technology.   And we are featured constantly in the who’s who of real estate for our revolutionary technology and expertise.  The NextHome brand is modern, clean, and designed to attract today’s home buyers and sellers.

Because we’re one of the only National Real Estate Companies building all our own brokerage software, our gains in efficiency, speed, and quality are proprietary and exclusive. This we believe differentiates us from traditional brokerages. Next Home was built on the belief that the status quo will ultimately cause any organization to fail and our innovation lab is a great example of how we are putting this belief into practice. It was created to inspire people to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas.

Our NextHome culture is best articulated by the mindset of our, companion, friend and mascot Luke. He was born with an immediate affinity and passion for real estate and is an avid supporter of home ownership opportunities, financial security, and personalized lifestyles.  He is experienced in playful engagement, trotting and making people smile.  Luke travels extensively around Charlotte Harbor in his role as Ambassador at NextHome, visiting listings and bringing energy to the communities our team serves.

NextHome Greater Realty’s strategic advantage is the fact that we are a forward-thinking company doing hi-tech marketing with your goals and needs at the forefront of our minds always. Our partnership with you will be results-driven through a personalized approach employing responsiveness, accountability and productivity. You will experience how we are going to create energy, on-line traffic, showings and our promise, to make our customers search and sell experience seamless and successful.


NextHome Greater Realty Downtown Location

NextHome Greater Realty is located at 223 Taylor Street in the heart of Downtown Punta Gorda. This landmark building across from the historical court house was another Berson Development. It was the first completed downtown building after hurricane Charlie. Adjacent to the weekly Saturday Farmers market where you will find our full complimentary parking lot offered to the local patrons.  This class-A office building is a modern workplace offering our customers the permanency and trust they deserve.

The 10 Reasons to Choose The Berson Team

“Navigating your move unruffled and perfect

  1. We have an AFFINITY and PASSION for real estate. This quality gives us the ability to advise you intuitively and guide you on market placement and current market conditions.   Achieving your goals and obtaining top dollar for your property is a priority.
  2. Our mindset is always our CUSTOMERS GOALS and DESIRES first and foremost.
  3. The NextHome brand is current, MODERN and way ahead of the technology curve. This gives us the ability to serve our customers quicker, more effectively and intuitively.
  4. We promote your property CREATIVELY and BRILLIANTLY to the market place. Your property write-up and photos will stand out.
  5. We are awesome broadcasters. We have the power house systems in place to present your property on Facebook, Instagram, email, the Berson one-stop real estate blog and our postcards. We promote to all the realtors and to our exclusive network and following.
  6. We live at the corner of “Always Ready and Right Now”. What this means is we ANSWER our phones and FOLLOW UP MAGNIFICENTLY. Servicing our prospective buyers and sellers quickly assists them in their buying and selling journey which makes this process more enjoyable, easier, knowledgeable and successful.
  7. We have the EXPERIENCE…$200+M in closed sales. We are expert negotiators and we know that time kills deals.  Price is just one factor in negotiations.  We are all about removing contingencies as fast as possible which will weed out issues and not keep your property off the market for one more minute if this is not your buyer.
  8. We know the hurdles and obstacles that we may face in advance. This gives us the ability to navigate through the property inspections, title issues and finance issues to minimize your stress.
  9. We have the CONNECTIONS on who is the best pool contractor, painter, tile installer, plumber, inspector, and roofer. This assists our buyers and sellers with better decision making.
  10. We are OVER ACHIEVERS by nature. We set lofty expectations on ourselves …we strive for excellence always, this is our makeup.